Press Release

KAKEN to close Shiga Factory, Transfer Functions to Shizuoka FactorySeptember 21, 1999

 KAKEN PHARMACEUTICAL Co., Ltd. (president: Shiro Inui) has decided to close its Shiga Factory in Ohtsu, Shiga Prefecture, and transfer its functions to its Shizuoka Factory in Fujieda, Shizuoka Prefecture, at the end of March 2000. The integration of the two plants is expected to result in more efficient production of higher quality products. All eye and nasal drops and topical and solid oral preparations which are currently manufactured at the Shiga Factory will be transferred to the Shizuoka Factory, where an integrated production system will be established. Employees at the Shiga Factory will also be transferred to the Shizuoka Factory. The company has not yet decided how to use the Shiga Factory site after it is closed.

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