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Launching of “MIROL Ophth. Soln. 0.5%”, a Long-acting Eye Drop for Glaucoma and Ocular HypertensionFebruary 21, 2001

 Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (president: Ikuo Ogihara; headquarters: Tokyo) launched on February 21, 2001 “MIROL Ophth. Soln. 0.5%”, a long-acting eye drop for glaucoma and ocular hypertension through KAKEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. (president: Shiro Inui; headquarters: Tokyo).


 Developed by Allergan, Inc. of the US and licensed to Kyorin, MIROL Ophth. Soln. 0.5% shows excellent efficacy for glaucoma and ocular hypertension with once-daily administration. It is a non-selective β-blocking agent with α1-blocking activity which shows long-lasting intraocular pressure lowering effects. It has been widely used in many countries including the US and Europe since 1985, and its effectiveness and safety are highly appreciated.


Profile of MIROL Ophth. Soln. 0.5%


1.Generic name :
levobunolol hydrochloride
2.Composition :
5.0 mg of levobunolol hydrochloride per mL
3.Indications :
glaucoma and ocular hypertension

4.Features :


(1)Eye drop for glaucoma and ocular hypertension with β and α1 blocking effects

(2)First once-daily water-soluble eye drop showing long-lasting intraocular pressure lowering activities

(3)Increases blood flow in the optic disc and other ocular tissues ( data in healthy adults )

(4)Adverse reactions were observed in 26 of 530 patients ( 4.9% )


5.NHI price :
¥619.40 per mL ( 0.5% )
6.Packaging :
5mL × 10 vials


 Kyorin has decided to rely on KAKEN, which focuses on the field of ophthalmology, for the marketing of ゛MIROL Ophth. Soln. 0.5%”. Through this agreement, KAKEN can strengthen its product-line in the ophthalmic field, while Kyorin can concentrate on its core fields such as respiratory, otorhinology and urology. Kyorin hopes that through KAKEN, it will be able to achieve greater sales than by Kyorin itself.


 Kyorin will supply KAKEN with MIROL Ophth. Soln. 0.5% in the finished dosage form.

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