Press Release

KAKEN Obtains ISO14001 Certificate for Its Shizuoka SiteSeptember 7, 2001

 KAKEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. obtained ISO14001 Certificate, an international environmental management system certificate, for its Shizuoka Site on August 28. Shizuoka Site consists of Shizuoka Factory and Central Research Laboratories. Shizuoka Factory manufactures ethical drugs such as Fiblast Spray, a drug for bedsore and skin ulcers, and the prostacyclin derivative Procylin Tablets. It received the Minister of Health and Welfare Prize in the government’s FY2001 Recycling Promoters Commendation Program. It has drastically reduced the final disposal rate for industrial waste to 99% or more. The Central Research Laboratories is engaged in exploratory research for the discovery of new drug candidates and is responsible for studies in the fields of synthesis, pharmacology and metabolism.


Outline of Shizuoka Site


Address :
301, Gensuke, Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka 426-8646, Japan
Components :
Shizuoka Factory and Central Research Laboratories
Products :
Fiblast Spray (treatment for bedsore and skin ulcers), Procylin (oral PGI2 derivative), Empynase (pronase preparation), Mentax (antifungal drug), and Ebrantil (drug for dysuria and hypertension)


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