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Kaken Launches the Benzylamine Anti-tinea Drug Mentax SprayJuly 7, 2004

 Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; president: Shiro Inui) will launch MentaxR Spray, a new dosage form of its benzylamine anti-tinea agent Mentax (generic name: butenafine HCl), immediately after its inclusion in the NHI drug price list scheduled on July 9.


 MentaxR is a topical antifungal agent containing the benzylamine derivative butenafine HCl synthesized at the company’s Central Research Laboratory as the active ingredient. It shows good clinical efficacy for superficial dermatomycosis such as trichophytosis and pityriasis versicolor. It was approved and launched in the form of a cream and lotion in 1992. It also received approval from the US FDA in 1996.


 MentaxR Spray is supplied in a plastic container with a spray pump filled with a drug solution with the same composition as MentaxR Lotion. In addition to a pinpoint spray for concentrated application on affected areas, the new product features a nozzle that can spray even when the container is upside down. Like the lotion formulation, the new spray offers outstanding efficacy against superficial dermatomycosis such as trichophytosis and pityriasis versicolor with once-daily application.


 The addition of this new dosage form is expected to widen the range of options in the treatment of dermatomycosis depending on patients’ needs and symptoms.

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