Press Release

Kaken and Sunstar to sign a License Agreement for Dental Applications of bFGF in North America and EuropeJune 19, 2007

 Tokyo and Osaka, Japan – June 19, 2007 —Kaken Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. (Bunkyo, Tokyo, “Kaken”) and Sunstar Inc. (Takatsuki, Osaka, “Sunstar”) today announced that, as of June 18, both parties signed a license agreement in which Kaken grants exclusive rights to Sunstar to develop, manufacture and marketing bFGF (basic fibroblast growth factor) products for dental treatments in North America and Europe.


 Kaken has been long focusing on the R&D of recombinant human bFGF for tissue regeneration. In 2001, a wound healing product, called Fiblast Spray?, was successfully launched and other clinical trials, such as for periodontitis and bone fracture, are currently conducted in Japan.


 Sunstar pursues bFGF products for dental applications in North America and Europe by utilizing a wealth of its experiences in the oral care field as well as data and know-how created by Kaken in Japan.

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