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License agreement for MediWound’s NexoBrid® in JapanApril 26, 2016

Tokyo, April 26, 2016 -Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Kaken”, head office Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director Tetsuo Onuma) and MediWound Ltd. (“MediWound”, head office Yavne, Israel; President and Chief Executive Officer Gal Cohen) announced today the signing of an agreement of exclusive rights to develop and distribute NexoBrid®, commercially available in Europe and Israel at present, in Japan for the treatment of burns.


According to the agreement, Kaken obtained the exclusive rights for development and distribution of NexoBrid in Japan from MediWound. Kaken and MediWound will cooperate to develop NexoBrid to obtain marketing authorization from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


About NexoBrid
NexoBrid is an easy-to-use, topically-applied enzymatic product that removes dead or damaged tissue, known as eschar, in approximately four hours without harming the surrounding healthy tissues. NexoBrid received marketing authorization from the European Medicines Agency for the removal of eschar in adults with deep partial and full-thickness thermal burns, is commercially available in Europe, Israel and Argentina. Representing a new paradigm in burn care management, NexoBrid demonstrated in clinical studies, with statistical significance, its ability to non-surgically and rapidly remove the eschar earlier than other modalities, without harming viable tissues. The removal of eschar or “debridement” is a critical first step in the successful healing of severe burns and chronic and other hard-to-heal wounds. With the current standard of care, burn eschar is removed either with existing topical agents, or by resorting to non-selective surgery, which is traumatic and may result in loss of blood and viable tissue necessitating further surgical treatments. Thus, NexoBrid is expected to alleviate the burden on medical experts and patients.


About MediWound Ltd.
MediWound is a fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing novel therapeutics based on its patented proteolytic enzyme technology to address unmet needs in the fields of severe burns, chronic and other hard-to-heal wounds. For more information, please visit

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