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Kyorin Pharmaceutical and Kaken Pharmaceutical signed a Contract for
the co-promotion of the anti-allergic therapeutic agent “desloratadine”July 11, 2016

Kyorin Holdings, Inc.
Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsutomo Miyashita, “Kyorin”), a wholly owned subsidiary of KYORIN Holdings, Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Minoru Hogawa), and Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Tetsuo Onuma, “Kaken”) have signed a Contract regarding the co-promotion by the two companies (1 brand and 1 channel) of the anti-allergic therapeutic agent “desloratadine (generic name)” that Kyorin has the exclusive right to market in Japan.


MSD K.K. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Jannie Oosthuizen, “MSD”) is now waiting for the marketing approval for “desloratadine” as described below, and Kyorin will exclusively distribute it after it is approved. While Kyorin will try to quickly spread the use of the product by mainly doctors and medical facilities in the respiratory and otolaryngology areas, based on this Contract, Kaken will conduct promotions aimed at doctors and medical facilities in the dermatological area, and receive a certain amount of the promotion fees from Kyorin.


Kyorin has the exclusive right to market “desloratadine” in Japan under a contract with an affiliated company of MSD (released in May 2016).


Kyorin is promoting a franchised customer strategy (with a focus on respiratory, otolaryngology, and urology diseases), and aims to enhance its presence in these focused areas. Through the co-promotion with Kaken, Kyorin expects to fully maximize the spread of the products.


Kaken will actively promote “desloratadine,” positioning this opportunity as a means of cooperation to enhance its presence in the area of dermatology, one of its focused areas.


[Reference for desloratadine]
Desloratadine was submitted for marketing approval in October 2015 in Japan as a novel and second generation histamine H1-receptor antagonist for indications such as allergic rhinitis, hives, and itching caused by skin diseases (eczema/dermatitis, pruritus cutaneous). Desloratadine has already been approved in more than 120 countries, including the United States and countries in Europe.



Kyorin Holdings, Inc.
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Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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