Research & Development Division


As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, KAKEN utilizes the technologies it has accumulated throughout its long history as well as its superior research staff to advance R&D activities to continually develop new drugs. KAKEN focuses its drug discovery efforts on areas where it has a strong presence, including inflammation, allergies, and pain relief, and also maintains its focus on the area of fungal infection in which it specializes, devoting a great deal of financial and human resources to these research themes.

In addition to in-house R&D ventures, KAKEN also engages in licensing activities and joint research with outside companies and organizations to expand its pipeline. KAKEN seeks out themes for joint research with academic institutions as well as other companies while also searching for partners with which to conduct joint research related to “seeds” developed in-house. Meanwhile, KAKEN searches for promising drugs for which to acquire licenses, and then advances contract negotiations with the license holders.

KAKEN will focus on its areas of expertise to accelerate the progression of its drug discovery research efforts. Also, KAKEN will collaborate with both domestic and overseas research institutions and introduce and license new drugs and continue to seek out the “seeds” of new technologies and drugs around the world. Moreover, by periodically discussing KAKEN’s drug discovery strategies with and receiving advice from respected experts in Japan, KAKEN will continue to ensure that its drug discovery programs are in-line with present day medical needs.