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The KAKEN website (“Website”) is operated by KAKEN. Before using the Website, please read the following Terms of Use and use the Website only if you agree to the Terms of Use. Once you start using the Website, you are deemed to have agreed to the following Terms of Use.


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Trademarks, etc.

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Drug information

Drug information and related information found on the Website are of a general nature for persons residing in Japan. Such information does not replace advice from a doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare professional. The information found on the Website also does not constitute advertising of the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals, etc.


Although KAKEN makes every reasonable effort to ensure that content of the Website contains accurate and up to date information, KAKEN does not guarantee its completeness or accuracy, and KAKEN does not guarantee that the information is error-free, useful, or suited to the user’s purposes. Furthermore, KAKEN makes no guarantee whatsoever that accessing the Website will not harm the user’s computer or other equipment, that there is no risk of errors or computer viruses, etc. KAKEN also bears no responsibility whatsoever for damages caused by use of the Website or the inability to use it.

Revision and removal of Website content

KAKEN reserves the right to revise, remove, or add to content of the Website without notice at any time, by any means, and for any reason, and KAKEN bears no responsibility for the results. Furthermore, KAKEN may shut the Website down without notice.

KAKEN bears no responsibility whatsoever for third party websites with links to/from the Website. You should use any third party websites according to those websites’ terms of use. If you wish to link to the Website, please contact KAKEN in advance.

Privacy policy

Handling of personal information at the Website complies with "Handling of Personal Information at the KAKEN Website."


KAKEN is under no obligation to reply to information, data, or inquiries sent by users via email, etc. Furthermore, with the exception of users’ personal information, KAKEN does not handle email or other communications as confidential. Therefore, you should not send confidential information. KAKEN can reproduce, post, or otherwise use information or data sent to us via inquiries, freely and without charge and for any purpose whatsoever. Moreover, KAKEN can use ideas, concepts and know-how contained in information or data submitted to us, for product development, manufacturing, sales, or any other purpose, freely and without charge.

Non-existence of intent to solicit investment

The purpose of the website is to offer information to provide a broader understanding of KAKEN, and is not intended to solicit users for investment. It is furthermore not intended to encourage investment in any securities whatsoever.

Non-compliance with the Terms of Use

KAKEN may take steps to prevent use of the Website by users who do not comply with the Terms of Use. In that event, KAKEN bears no responsibility whatsoever for inconvenience or damages to the user caused by taking such steps. In addition, KAKEN may seek appropriate compensation from the user if KAKEN sustains damages as a result of violation of the Terms of Use by the user.

Governing law and court with jurisdiction

Any items relating to use of the Website and its Terms of Use shall be governed by the law of Japan, and such items shall be interpreted in accordance with the law of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance over any disputes arising over the Terms of Use.