Agrochemicals and Animal Health Products Business

We conduct integrated operations for agrochemicals, feed additives and veterinary drugs, from research and development to sales and marketing. For agrochemicals, our development and marketing operations both in Japan and overseas focus on products containing polyoxins, which are fungicides, and Pentoxazone, a rice herbicide.
Demand for food continues to increase with global population growth, increasing the importance of agriculture as the foundation of food supply. The role of agrochemicals, which are indispensable to agricultural production, is likely to grow in the future. At the same time, strategic initiatives to realize sustainable societies and reduce environmental impact are under way in Japan and around the world. Among them are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Strategy for Sustainable Food Systems (MeaDRI) in Japan, and the Farm to Fork Strategy in the EU. These initiatives call for environmentally friendly farming. Given such trends, we foresee a further increase in needs and expectations for agriculture that is friendly to humans, animals and the environment. To support sustainable agriculture in harmony with nature, we have established a growth strategy based on two pillars: development of agrochemicals that have low impact on humans, animals and the environment, and fermentative production, which can reduce chemical substance waste and energy consumption. By actively researching, developing and commercializing these products and technologies, we will contribute to food safety and security.


Feed Additives

  • Anti-coccidial feed additive for chickens (Salinomycin)

Veterinary Drugs

  • Urinary stone dissolution and elimination acceleration agent for cattle (Uroston)