President's Message

We will leverage
expertise and
reliability to
the well-being of
patients and
all stakeholders.

We work to improve the quality of life of patients, and focus on contributing to people's well-being to help them lead better lives. Well-being, to us, means optimization of daily living and optimization of human life – in short, making people feel happy.
As people age, we seek to help them live healthy lives and to enrich their minds by developing drugs for various diseases, regardless of sales volume; manufacturing eco-friendly agrochemicals; and, through these efforts, delivering smiles and healthy lives in both body and mind.
Our products based on this concept of well-being are highly regarded as innovative drugs that are the first of their kind in Japan or in the world, and as eco-friendly agrochemicals.

Our core strength is the practical skills of our employees cultivated in a sincere and serious corporate culture, and their deep dedication to meet the needs of patients who are suffering. I, myself, having spent many years of my career in sales, have always made an effort to listen to voices from the frontlines of medicine, to adapt to changes, and to build relationships of trust with medical professionals and patients.
Our commitment to being on the frontlines and our high-level expertise in multiple areas has supported the development of new drugs. Based on the concept of the “Three Joys” of our business philosophy – “Joy for patients,” “Joy for society” and “Joy for employees” – we will continue striving to enhance our corporate value and solve issues to help create a better society.

I would like to thank our stakeholders for their continued support. I remain committed to meeting their expectations.

Hiroyuki Horiuchi
President and Representative Director