Long-Term Business Plan

2031 Long-Term Vision and Strategy

In the past, KAKEN formulated a series of medium-term business plans, but in 2022, we decided to set out a long-term business plan aimed at implementing strategic initiatives that would enable to better respond to the changes taking place in the pharmaceutical industry.
The external environment of the pharmaceutical industry is changing dramatically with the tightening of healthcare budget, the increasing difficulty and higher costs of drug development, and supply chain issues, among others. With the external environment undergoing such major changes, we will implement a vision and strategy for 2031 to apply KAKEN's strengths to our mission of offering patients new treatment options over a longer term and globally.


  1. A company that contributes to longer healthy life expectancy by developing and supplying innovative new drugs in a speedy manner
  2. A research-based pharmaceutical company with a global presence, primarily in the areas of dermatology and orthopedics

Strategy for Achieving the Vision

“3Xs”—Three Transformations

Presentation materials for Long-Term Business Plan 2031