Environmental Initiatives

KAKEN Basic Environmental Philosophy

As a pharmaceutical company that endeavors to improve the quality of life of patients through the supply of superior pharmaceuticals, and based on the idea of “Joy for society,” KAKEN shall recognize its social responsibility and work to protect, maintain and enhance the global environment in all aspects of its business activities.

KAKEN Basic Environmental Policy

1 Establish and maintain an environmental management system

We shall establish an environmental management system and undertake initiatives to protect the environment. Led by our Environmental Committee and Environmental Measures Task Force, these initiatives shall be systematic and continuous.

2 Comply with environmental laws and regulations

We shall comply with environmental laws and regulations at the national and local levels. We shall further establish independent standards as we strive to protect the environment.

3 Reduce environmental burden

We shall set concrete targets for all aspects of our business activities and practice the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle). Aiming for continuous improvement, we shall periodically revise our targets with respect to climate change, waste and chemical emissions.

4 Develop eco-friendly products and technologies

As we develop products, we shall work actively to protect the environment. We shall consider the environmental impact of our products over their lifecycles, from research and development, production, sales and distribution to end-of-use/end-of-life (EOU/EOL).

5 Cooperate with local communities

As a corporate citizen, we shall work with local communities to protect the environment. We shall also disclose environmental information and work for mutual understanding with those communities.

6 Raise environmental awareness

We shall provide environmental training and information to all executives and employees to raise their awareness about environmental protection.

Materials Balance of Business Activities

At the Shizuoka Site and the Drug Research Center in Kyoto, each and every employee recognizes input and output that place burden on the environment during the course of business activities ranging from research and development to production and office activities, and is working to reduce environmental pollution.

Reduction of CO2 Emissions, Energy Saving, etc.