Marketing (Information Provision Activities)

To ensure that the prescription pharmaceuticals and medical devices we sell are used properly, we provide medical information mainly through three groups: Marketing & Sales, Marketing & Scientific Information, and Distribution. In the Marketing & Sales Group, MRs provide medical professionals with proper usage information. While doing so, MRs also collect information related to product safety and suggestions for product improvement, and share this information within the Company. These efforts lead to information provision and product improvements that meet the needs of medical professionals. In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have been required to provide high value-added information under greater time constraints. In response to the rapidly changing business environment, we are taking various measures to improve the quality and speed of our information provision, including utilizing digital tools and reorganizing our division.

The healthcare industry in Japan is undergoing major changes. In step with the move toward functional differentiation and cooperation among medical institutions, new roles are required to support the integrated care system in community healthcare. Going forward, our MRs will serve as liaisons with community healthcare players that support patients, providing information about medicines from viewpoints such as health economics, safety and adherence in order to achieve continuing care that improves patients' quality of life.

We want to create an organization in which each MR has not only product knowledge, but also in-depth knowledge of related medical information, and always considers options from a patient-first perspective. To further build our presence in dermatology and orthopedics, the fields of our mainstay products, and become an essential company in community healthcare, we will continue to provide even higher-quality information with a focus on the needs of patients.