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To enhance its corporate value, KAKEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “KAKEN”) employs social media as a means to share corporate news and promote disease awareness. KAKEN has established the following guidelines specifying the attitude and behavior it should adhere to in using social media.

  1. When using social media, KAKEN complies with applicable laws and regulations, industry guidelines, the KAKEN Charter of Corporate Behavior, the KAKEN Code of Conduct, and other internal rules and regulations.
  2. KAKEN acknowledges and recognizes that information on social media is open to the general public, and such information, once submitted, cannot be completely removed or deleted.
  3. When using social media, KAKEN pays full attention to intellectual property rights, including copyrights and trademarks, as well as the privacy and reputation of individuals, and acts in accordance with high ethical standards. In the event that incorrect or misleading information is found to have been posted by KAKEN, we will promptly remove or modify such content or material.
  4. KAKEN handles personal information acquired in relation to or from social media in accordance with KAKEN's Personal Information Protection Policy.

KAKEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD.'s official social media account


X (formerly Twitter)

Handling of Personal Information

KAKEN may use information (including account information) sent by people who use and browse (“Users”) KAKEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD.'s official social media account (the “Account”) for the following purposes.

  • (1) To improve and review information sent through the Account
  • (2) To manage the Account and review the services we provide

Management of the Account

  1. KAKEN does not reply to comments and inquiries submitted by Users on the Account.
  2. At its own discretion, KAKEN may terminate, suspend, amend or otherwise modify management of all or part of the Account without prior notice. KAKEN assumes no obligation to compensate Users for any damage, loss or other expense they incur as a result.
  3. KAKEN reserves the right to delete without notice comments that, in our judgment, fall into any of the categories below, and to block access to the Account by Users who post such comments.
  • (1) Comments that are unrelated to the posted content
  • (2) Comments that are judged to differ significantly from actual facts
  • (3) Comments that are inappropriate
  • (4) Comments for the purpose of spam
  • (5) Comments containing incorrect information about KAKEN's products
  • (6) Comments requesting or providing medical advice
  • (7) Comments that discriminate against or slander a third person, or infringe on privacy or human rights
  • (8) Any other comments that violate this social media policy


  1. Any information posted on this Account does not necessarily reflect KAKEN's official announcements or opinions. For KAKEN's official announcements and opinions, please refer to KAKEN's website and news releases.
  2. Information posted on this Account is provided “as is.” KAKEN reserves all rights relating to this Account and may in its sole discretion add, remove or modify any content or material posted on the Account.
  3. Under no circumstance shall KAKEN be liable for any damage suffered by Users arising from the use of the Account or due to unavailability of the Account.
  4. Under no circumstance shall KAKEN be liable for problems or disputes relating to the Account that may arise between the Users or between the Users and third parties.

Note Regarding Pharmaceutical Laws and Regulations

  1. KAKEN does not use the Account for the purpose of advertising pharmaceuticals, medical devices or regenerative medicine (“Pharmaceutical Products”).
  2. For inquiries concerning KAKEN's Pharmaceutical Products, please submit the form on the “Inquiries” page or consult with a physician or with the medical institution where the Pharmaceutical Product was prescribed.


For inquiries concerning KAKEN's Social Media Policy and/or social media account, please e-mail us at

Revised April 2022