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A medium-sized, R&D-driven Japanese pharmaceutical company focused on delivering innovative drugs

Kaken Pharmaceutical (KAKEN) is an R&D-driven pharmaceutical company that was established after the reorganization of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (Riken) in 1948. To return smiles to patients and their families, KAKEN strives to deliver innovative drugs and provides a number of distinctive products that lead the market.

A history of more than 70 years

With roots in the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (Riken), which fostered a number of distinguished scientists, Kagaku Kenkyusho – the forerunner of KAKEN – began operating in 1948. Its first president was Yoshio Nishina, who has been called the father of modern physics in Japan. The Company has since built on Riken's technological development capabilities to produce medicines that meet the needs of the time.

First President Yoshio Nishina

Core businesses of prescription pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals

KAKEN operates in the pharmaceuticals and real estate segments. Its pharmaceuticals business, which accounts for 96.7 percent of consolidated net sales, includes pharmaceutical products (primarily drugs used under the prescription of a doctor) and agrochemicals (mainly fungicides and paddy rice herbicides).
In prescription pharmaceuticals, we provide products that contribute to better quality of life of patients, with a focus on dermatology and orthopedics. In the agrochemical business, we supply agrochemicals and feed additives that are safer for humans, animals and the environment.
The real estate business mainly consists of revenue related to Bunkyo Green Court, which was built on land assumed from Riken and then later redeveloped. It is a stable source of revenue that complements the pharmaceutical business.

Strengths in
specific therapeutic areas

KAKEN has developed prescription pharmaceuticals that offer new treatment options in dermatology and other areas. Products include the onchomycosis treatment Clenafin, the wound-healing agent Fiblast, and the primary axillary hyperhidrosis treatment Ecclock. The Company is able to provide these novel treatments because it focuses on specific therapeutic areas. It has built a stronger presence and gained a deeper understanding of medical needs in those areas.

Growth strategy for the period up to 2031

In Long-Term Business Plan 2031, a ten-year growth strategy starting in 2022, KAKEN aims to be a company that contributes to longer healthy life expectancy by developing and supplying innovative drugs in a speedy manner. Our growth strategy is focused on transforming our research and development, overseas expansion and management base. We will work to become a research-based pharmaceutical company with a global presence, primarily in the areas of dermatology and orthopedics.

Products that are the first of their kind in Japan or the world

The pharmaceuticals that KAKEN markets include many that are the first of their kind in Japan or the world.* Our ability to achieve this comes from our wish to return smiles to the faces of as many people as possible by providing new forms of treatment and new routes of administration to patients suffering from diseases that previously had no effective treatments. This commitment, based on our unique viewpoints, has led us to deliver new value.

* First in Japan or the world at the time they were launched