Development Pipeline

New Drug Development Status

Development Code Planned Indication Development Stage Notes
KAR Head lice Phase Ⅲ In-licensed from Arbor Pharmaceuticals, LLC.
Product name in the US: Sklice
Refractory vascular malformations Phase Ⅲ Development project succeeded from ARTham Therapeutics Inc.
BBI-4000 Primary palmoplantar hyperhidrosis Phase Ⅰ Additional indication of Ecclock
KP-483 Solid tumors
Phase Ⅰ In-house discovered product
NM26-2198 Atopic dermatitis Phase Ⅰ Co-development with Numab Therapeutics AG
KP-910 Peripheral neuropathic pain Phase Ⅰ In-house discovered product
Seladelpar Primary biliary cholangitis Phase Ⅰ In-licensed from CymaBay Therapeutics, Inc.
Tildacerfont Congenital adrenal hyperplasia Phase Ⅰ In-licensed from Spruce Biosciences, Inc.