Message from the President

By leveraging KAKEN's
we will
accelerate change and
further create value.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought major changes to KAKEN's operating environment. Online communication has become the norm, including remote meetings and the use of other digital tools.

On the other hand, KAKEN's strength lies in its deep, real-world relationships developed on the frontlines of medicine. These recent changes have reaffirmed the following: we listen to the real ideas of doctors and sense the conditions of patients as can only be done in clinical settings. This continues to be an advantage for KAKEN. We constantly gain insight into medical needs from real-world situations. By fusing the real and digital worlds, we will improve our efficiency and expertise and sharpen our main strength, which is our presence on the frontlines of medicine, based on the trust of patients and doctors.

The source of this strength is, above all, our people. Our employees are flexible and enjoy change, work together as a team to fulfill our corporate philosophy, and will continue to deliver added value that our stakeholders can appreciate.

In the rapidly evolving external operating environment, we have announced a long-term vision, rather than setting a three-year medium-term plan as we previously have, as well as established a basic sustainability policy. We will accelerate change with longer-term management policies firmly in place and diligently work to achieve sustainable growth.

May 2022
Hiroyuki Horiuchi
President and Representative Director