Handling of Personal Information at the KAKEN Website

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  • Handling of Personal Information at the KAKEN Website

This page contains the rules that govern the collection and use of personal data at the KAKEN website (“Website”). These rules apply to all websites operated primarily by KAKEN.

  1. Some parts of the Website are for use only by medical professionals including doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and nurses. The Website therefore may ask if the user is a medical professional, but this information will not be recorded.
  2. Users who make inquiries with KAKEN may be asked to provide information necessary to ensure an accurate response. This personal information will be used for no purpose except providing an accurate response to the inquiry, or correcting an earlier response.
  3. Access information indicating users' usage status of the Website may be statistically processed and then used to enhance Website content.
  4. Although the Website may contain links to other websites, the content of this page applies only to websites operated primarily by KAKEN and not to other websites.
  5. Content found on this page may be changed to improve it. In the event of such changes, the Website will be updated accordingly.